Cubicflow services

We believe in a unified approach to development, design, and branding.

Web Development

We build web applications and websites, with a focus in front-end development and design. We have experience with a number of different frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue, and more.

Native App Development

Our web apps may be able reach more devices, but native apps offer their own features and benefits. We’ve built apps for iOS and watchOS in Swift, and cross-platform native apps with React Native.


The user experience is central to our approach at Cubicflow. We are designers who love building intuitive interfaces, and we are developers who love being able to take our ideas to completion.


Taking payments online is a critical part of many busineses. From drop-in shopping cart solutions to fully custom e-commerce, we’re well aquainted with the unique challenges associated with selling online.

Agile Processes

Our processes are efficient and flexible, and we’ve also integrated with existing teams for larger or long-term projects. For clients without an existing team, we can usually manage the project to completion.

Support & Maintenance

Testing, feedback, and responding to change are all natural elements of most projects. Cubicflow focuses on providing value and support to all our projects, at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Cubicflow is our secret weapon when it comes to building a user experience that’s modern, and even more importantly that converts.

Paul Friesen
CMO, Panoply

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