Services sample pricing

Shown below are typical starting prices for some of our most common services. To request a quote, you can set up a free project consultation meeting by contacting us.

* All figures in US dollars

Logos:    $1000+

Logo + basic branding:    $2500+

High-level branding:    $4500+

Website (static):    $4500+

Website (dynamic):    $9000+

Web App (React):    $15000+

Mobile App (Native):    $18000+

Misc. Design:    Available hourly.

Misc. Development:    Available hourly.

Consulting:    Contact us.

Cubicflow provides flexible, full-stack creative services under one roof

Full-Stack Development • Branding • Mobile Apps • UI/UX • Concept Design • Print and Package • Graphic Design • and More

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