Why are retainers important?

The web is a perpetually evolving platform. New devices, operating systems, and technologies get released on what seems like a daily basis. While it’s certainly important to not let your investment stagnate or become incompatible as time marches on, it’s equally important to take advantage of the opportunity to continuously enrich the user experience. We do these things to support, track, and grow your web presence.


Websites made by Cubicflow use Google Analytics, the industry-standard for web traffic analysis. Our retainers include consulting meetings to examine the data gathered, where we draw conclusions on how to use this data effectively to improve your web presence.


We incorporate a bit of time each month to make incremental changes and requested edits, while also evaluating potential upgrades.


Your business expands, and you need to grow your project or kick off a new one. We consult on the possibilities and provide priority scheduling for starting a production sprint.

Basic Plan

For small-scale sites built with Cubicflow Boilerplate and without a significant eCommerce or backend element.

Standard Plan

For medium-scale sites that may include a significant eCommerce or backend element, or largely non-Cubicflow code.

Custom Plan

A flexible plan for web applications and large-scale sites.

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